We’ve got a new logo!

As you may have seen, we have a new cool logo. Every project needs a logo, right? It will soon appear on our talks at conferences, and on our coffee cups… because every physicist needs coffee.


But what makes our logo so fantastic? And what does it mean?
The full title of our project is “The H boson gateway to physics beyond the standard model”, sot it should already be clear that the H boson is important for us. The project acronym, central for the logo, is “be.h”. BEH stands for Brout, Englert, Higgs … the three inventors of the mechanism responsible for the mass of elementary particles.  By putting a dot between “be” and “h”, we wanted to emphasize the Belgian nature of the project.

To build the logo, we started from the acronym and played on the shape of the h letter to make it look like the “mexican hat potential“. The dot sits at the minimum of the potential, point at which the symmetry is broken and the universe as we know it is made possible.

3D view of the mexican-hat potential

Finally, in the dot, you can also see the EOS mark… because it makes our project possible. And because it matters, all this was done using the Open Source Inkscape tool.


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