be.h scientists at Pint of Science

A mesmerised audience during the Pint of Science physics talks in Brussels (photo: Céline Ballieux, Pint of Science)

On 14 through 16 May 2018, the First Belgian edition of the international Pint of Science festival took place in multiple locations around Belgium.

The Pint of Science festival asks scientists to present their latest scientific research in an accessible format to the public – in the pub! With its fantastic beer tradition and outstanding science, Belgium is of course uniquely suitable for such a festival. The EOS programme is one of the partners of this festival and eight researchers presented their work in this fun and informal way during the festival in 2018.This involved talks in, amongst other locations,  Louvain-la-NeuveAntwerpGhent and Brussels!

We’ll be back next year, we hope the audience will be as well. For the be.h scientists, this festival was definitely a success!


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