WP4 kick-off meeting

On Monday June 4, 2018 took place at IIHE the kick-off meeting of WP4: Hidden Sectors through the Higgs and kinematic portals.

The meeting started at IIHE cafeteria where we welcomed the first postdoc joining this WP, Roberta Volpe (UCL). WP4 coordinators, Steven Lowette (VUB) and Michel Tytgat (ULB), started with a review of the four tasks of this package. Responsibles of each task reported about the status and the schedule of the works. In the morning session we had also two inspired talks on Dark Matter by Laura and sexaquarks by Michel. In the afternoon session Steven presented the status of sexaquarks searches with CMS.

Thanks to the organizers the meeting was kept quite informal, with blackboard discussions and a cheerful ambiance. Last,but not least, we enjoyed a very nice lunch time in the sunny terrace at VUB restaurant where we could also discuss about other subjects beyond physics.

Next meeting will be held at CP3 (LLN) after the summer. It was also decided to create a Journal Club devoted to this very active topic, with a ~1month periodicity.

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