WP2 meeting: introduction to effective field theory

On November 22 we held a meeting at UCL to introduce the PhD and postdoctoral scientists recently joining the project to the standard model effective field theory. As many as 26 participants attended ! Excellent pedagogical talks were given, triggering lively discussions. We are gearing up to squeeze the most out of the LHC collision data and provide long-lasting results to the physics community, about the nature of the H boson, of the scalar interaction and about possible deviations from the standard model of particle physics ! On the very day of the meeting, an article from a team of researchers from the be.h network appeared in the JHEP journal as JHEP11(2018)131. This article describes the sensitivity to beyond the standard model effective field operators in the production of 2 top quarks and 2 bottom quarks at the LHC (illustrated by the figure below).


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