be.h is back…in presence! 

After months of video calls, mail exchanges, and monologues in front of the mirror, the be.h community has held its “Equinox Meeting” at the beautiful Hof Van Liere in Antwerp.

Gathered on the second floor of this 16th-century city palace with indoor cows, gardens and galleries, the fifty participants – the majority on site – reviewed the latest results from the recent HEP experiments where the Belgian community is involved. Special emphasis was put on the role of recent lepton flavor universality violations, two invited talks, one theory and one experimental.

The highlight of the day was without doubt the session in the early afternoon dedicated to PhD talks from all the 6 nodes of the EOS consortium.

The meeting was also the opportunity for more informal exchanges during the lunch, coffee break and closing drink (where some of us discovered the UA beer! ).

The various contributions can be found on the agenda of the event:

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