New probes of dark matter physics in astrophysics and cosmology

Tracy Slatyer from MIT will visit UCLouvain from May 16 -20 to give the Georges Lemaître Chair lecture series on “New probes of dark matter physics in astrophysics and cosmology“. Tracy is a leading expert in the field of astroparticle physics, and an experienced educator who has taught courses on dark matter and related topics at renowned summer schools around the world.

The lecture series consists of an inaugural lecture on Monday May 16 at 10:30 (aimed at a broad audience), followed by four more specialized lectures on Tuesday-Friday at 14:00 (aimed at graduate students and postdocs in particle physics and cosmology). The full program can be found on the website:

Attendance in person is encouraged, but the lectures will also be broadcasted via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 699 6972 5623Passcode: 693199

Anyone is welcome to join, so please feel free to circulate this announcement among interested colleagues! 

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