Our consortium involves a substantial number of researchers that contribute to distinct but interconnected work packages. Coordination is therefore essential not only within each WP, but also between them. This implies coherent steering and supervision of the scientific work  at all levels, and involving all PIs/co-PIs.

The collection of PIs/co-PIs is responsible for the overall scientific and organizational
performance of the consortium. They form the CB chaired by the Spokesperson (F. Maltoni) and  includes as well a Deputy Spokesperson (J. D’Hondt) to assist the Spokesperson, an Equality, Diversity and Career Officer (B. Clerbaux) and two Communication and Outreach Officers (M. Tytgat (UG) and C. Delaere). The consortium board is supported by the steering board, chaired by the Spokesperson includes the PIs of the six research groups, the Deputy Spokesperson and representatives of the EOS PhD and PD community. Additional international experts in the field can assist the CB, through the Advisory Board. For each work package at least one convener is assigned among the PIs/co-PIs to stimulate collaboration between the research groups involved, as well as amongst theoretically and experimentally inclined researchers.

An officer ensures a uniform practice in the hiring process, including the job advertisement and interviews, and ensuring that diversity aspects are considered. While enforcing equal opportunity practices special attention will be placed on gender issues.

Finally, a group of researchers is active in outreach and social media. In collaboration with the conveners, they are picking up new or exciting developments in the WPs, which they translate into appropriate outreach messages to be propagated across media platforms to wider society.