Higgs coupling determination and interpretation in the SMEFT


WP2 aims at bringing our current understanding of the H interactions to a new level by following a two-prong TH/EXP driven approach. On the one hand we will make cutting edge (differential) measurements of selected processes involving a Higgs (or HH) in the final state using the complete LHC Run 2 dataset (2015-2018), which is foreseen to be at least 5 times larger than the Run 1 dataset. On the other hand, thanks to much improved theory predictions for the SM backgrounds as well as for the SMEFT, we will perform the first interpretations in the context of the SMEFT accurate at NLO in QCD. These results will then be used to provide constraints on the Higgs-self-coupling by performing a global fit on the single-Higgs measurements.

Team: G. Bruno (UCL), D. Dobur (UG), J. D’Hondt (VUB), C. Delaere (UCL), L. Favart (ULB), A. Giammanco (UCL), F. Maltoni (UCL), A. Mariotti (VUB), M. Tytgat (UG), P. Van Mechelen (UA), P. Vanlaer (ULB), N. Van Remortel (UA),A. Ahmed, M. Mahdavikhorrami, T. Kello, H. El Faham, T.-T. Tran, PD4, PD9.