New scalar resonances

In this work package we aim to search for these extra (pseudo)scalars in a few key channels, H′ → VV, ZA, H′ → HH. A close collaboration between theory and experiment is foreseen for

  1. determining and simulating the expected signals and backgrounds, taking
    into account interference and higher order effects;
  2. interpreting the results of the searches by a) excluding regions in the parameter space of relevant models like 2HDMs in case of negative outcome; b) characterizing possible observed signals in case of positive outcome.

Team: C. Delaere (UCL), F. Maltoni (UCL), A. Mariotti (VUB), M. Tytgat (ULB), P. Vanlaer (ULB), K. Jaffel, PD4, PD8.

The activities of the working group are tracked on our online board.