Transversal developments on prompt and displaced objects

The searches proposed in WP4 and WP5 share the presence of new particles decaying in the CMS detector with macroscopic displacement from the collision vertex into b-quarks, tau leptons, as well as electrons and muons. To efficiently identify these objects, dedicated experimental tools for reconstruction and identification must be developed.

Building on the extensive experience in the consortium in the area of heavy flavour tagging, the aim of WP6 is to build a common experimental foundation on which searches with displaced objects are rooted. The related tasks present novel and even potentially groundbreaking developments.

By integrating all these developments in a transversal experimental work package, we have the potential to leverage significantly the impact of the proposed analyses, along with many others in CMS and beyond.

Team: F. Blekman (VUB), G. Bruno (UCL), B. Clerbaux (ULB), J. D’Hondt (VUB), D. Dobur (UG), S. Lowette (VUB), PhD8 and PhD10.