The consortium

The researchers involved in this project cover a broad spectrum of activities where a steady collaboration among institutions plays a critical role. Within the be.h  project we take the unique opportunity to unite the strengths of Belgian particle physicists to explore the scalar sector and beyond in a challenging effort.

Our research questions are universal and interest high-energy physicists worldwide. A wide set of strategies is employed that range from local best-effort initiatives up to large international collaborations, like those of the LHC experiments. In all cases the challenge is to effectively bring scientists at individual research institutes and universities to work in close contact on common projects. The geographical proximity of our research groups is a natural clustering factor at the global level and an asset to be exploited.

It is precisely through the interplay of experimental and theoretical research insights that the objectives targeted by the highly interconnected tasks and Work Packages (WP) in the project will be pursued.  This is realized through a coherent and
coordinated action and with a large number of PhD thesis and Post-doc projects shared across universities.