One KVAB 2020 Science Communication awards goes to a be.h member

Michael Tytgat has been awarded the annual science communication prize for conceiving and leading the Cool Physics Days project. The jury has nothing but praise for the trans- and interdisciplinary approach to bring a not-so-obvious branch of science (particle physics) to the general public. In all areas, thought was given to reducing barriers and providing insight into the scientific process.

I was awarded a prize for the Cool Physics Days project, i.e. the series of outreach events that took place on the occasion of the EPS-HEP2019 conference. It is of course an honor to receive this prize, given the huge amount of effort that went into the preparation of this project. There was the 2-year long art-and-science project with CERN&KASK, the science movie evening, the music-and-science concert, the physics exhibition, the physics-on-stage show, the virtual visits to VIRGO & CMS and also the special edition of EOS Wetenschap magazine. Of course, this project could not have happened without the input and a big contribution of a large group of people. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you once more for making this project a success. A big thanks to everyone ! 

The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium and the Young Academy annually award the “awards for science communication” to scientists with exceptional merit in science communication. The Annual Prizes are awarded to researchers who have devoted themselves intensively over the past two years to a concrete project on science communication.
The Award is administered by a steering committee that also acts as a jury. It consists of specialists in science communication, namely the employees of the science communication expertise units of the Flemish associations of universities and colleges, members of the Academy and the Young Academy and also representatives of strategic research centers, industry and government policy (EWI, VARIO), together with experts (from the media and academia). The steering committee is chaired by Prof. Damya Laoui (Young Academy) and Dr. Elisabeth Monard (KVAB).

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